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Abutilon ‘Ginger Bomb’ Zn8b (15º to 20ºF) Malvaceae
Lovely, pendant bells the color of...well, Ginger. An intruging color that we haven't seen in an Abutilon before. Nice in containers or in the ground arching out of a border... for that much needed tropical, Thai effect in the garden. Flowers are produced from May until frost and if it is frozen to the ground it will resprout in well drained good soil. Part shade to full sun, agua.
Xera Plants introduction
Abutilon ‘Jackie O Lipstick’ Zn8b (15º to 20ºF) Malvaceae
Glowing, almost glossy frosted pink w/ slight orange overtones makes Jackie our
favorite Abutilon. To about 5' tall in a season and blooming non-stop. Full sun to part shade with regular water and regular soil. Nice, potted out in the garden, lift and protect in winter or replant in spring. Simple and elegant like the queen of Camelot.
Xera Plants introduction
Abutilon ‘Lavender Annie’ Zn8b (15º to 20ºF) Malvaceae
She's the kind of Abutilon that doesn't like to keep secrets. Beautiful lavender pink flowers on a tall growing shrub to 4'. Blooms nonstop until frost in part shade to shade with regular water and fertilizer, but not soil that is too rich, she likes to rough it a bit. She's here, she's lavender, get used to it. Good container plant.
Abutilon megapotamicum Zn8a (10º to 15ºF) Malvaceae
The cold hardiest "Flowering Maple" which behaves more like lax shrub and may be trained up a trellis or lattice. The wood is hardy to 12∞F, if frozen to the ground it will return from the base. To 6' tall or taller and bearing profuse pendulous flowers with a dramatic red calyx and yellow petals- small lanterns from May until frost. Full sun to light shade. Regular water. Hummingbirds will stake it out and fight for it.
Abutilon ‘Marion Stewart’ (‘Temple Bells’) Zn8a (10º to 15ºF) Malvaceae
A large growing hardy Abutilon whose leaves make the affiliation to Hibiscus even more obvious. Large rounded orange flowers with vivid red veins on long stems, June to frost. Fast growing to 10' tall and about 4' wide in a single season. Exotic. Full sun to part shade in rich soil with regular water. May freeze to the ground in extreme cold. Protected location, mulch to protect the base for the first winter. AKA 'Temple Bells'.
Abutilon ‘Moonchimes’ Zn8b (15º to 20ºF) Malvaceae
'Moonchimes' is one of the hardier "Flowering Maples" growing to a lax 3' tall and as wide in a single season. A continuous display of light yellow almost chartreuse pendulous flowers. Full sun to part shade with rich soil and regular water. Protected location, near a wall or a fence. Plant with the crown 4" below soil level for extra winter protection. Mulch in Fall. Excellent in mixed containers.
Abutilon ‘Nabob’ Zn9a (20º to 25ºF) Malvaceae
Deep red flowers on stems that approach black make this Abutilon one of the most dramatic. To 3' tall and as wide in a single season it makes an excellent focal point in a container or in a border. Protect from severe freezes by either lifting or mulching heavily. Rich soil, well drained in part shade or full sun. Great! Blooms non-stop on new wood from May until frost. May live through mild (above 20∞F) winters.
Abutilon ‘Red Gum Drop’ Zn9a (20º to 25ºF) Malvaceae
Brilliant red/orange flowers and a graceful lax habit make 'Red Gumdrop' an exceptional flowering maple. To 30" tall with profuse flowers it makes a great container subject or as an annual in a border. Part shade with regular water in rich soil. Lax habit allows it to climb gently into shrubs. Blooms May to frost or longer. Mixes well with bold Coleus and tuberous begonias. Best where stems will spill over the side of a pot.
Xera Plants introduction
Abutilon ‘Searchlight’ Zn8b (15º to 20ºF) Malvaceae
A large growing hybrid Abutilon with bright white flowers that face out and black stems. Grows to 4' tall quickly and is good as an espalier on a wall or in the center of a large container. Full sun to light shade with regular water. Soil that is too rich will lead to rampant growth and less of the lovely flowers. Flowers May to Frost.
Xera Plants introduction
Abutilon ‘Smoked Salmon’ Zn9b (20º to 25ºF) Malvaceae
Big huge flaring pendant bells exactly the color of smoked salmon. The bee's had a field day in our nursery and came up with this delightful hybrid. Slighty lighter orange interior. Prolific bloomer, flowers appear until frost. Compact to 3' tall and 2' wide. Amazing in containers. Full sun to light shade, to open bright shade and regular water. Blooms on 'new' wood, prune as you wish.
Sub-shrubs are best thought of as woody perennials that freeze to the ground and return from the base. Hardy Fuchsias and Abutilons are the best examples of commonly grown sub-shrubs in our climate. They may be cut to the ground to regrow in spring.
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Abutilon ‘Ginger Bomb’
Abutilon ‘Smoked Salmon’
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