Kniphofia pumila

Zn6a (-10º to -5ºF)

Yellow flowers in August to October

To 4’ tall (in bloom) forming spreading

clumps quickly in rich, well drained soil with ample moisture. One of the very best species of this fascinating genus that we should  grow. It forms a large dense clump with time. It may also bloom in spring if we’ve had a warm winter. It is an obsessive source of nectar to hummingbirds. A large clump of this perennial is spectacular.

Agastache x ‘Xera Ember’

Zn6a (-10º to -5ºF)

Deep orange flowers May to October

To 26” tall with a compact habit. This is a very tremendous  cultivar. its a seedling I found in the ground at the wholesale nursery. The smoldering flowers continue non-stop- new flowers are born on the same stalks do not remove. Instead you can water it once every couple of weeks. Very cold hardy.

Xera Plants Introduction

Acanthus syriacus

Zn6a (-10º to -5ºF)

Purple and yellow flowers mid-summer

To 2’ tall in bloom spreading to 3’ wide.

Flowers arise in midsummer from the depths and they have great impact for up to two months. Rich to average well drained soil full all day sun. Light water requirements. Intensely serrated and spiny foliage is very cool as well.

Verbena rigida

Zn6a (-10º to -5ºF)

Vibrant purple flowers May to frost

18” tall and up to 3’ wide

Full sun- open exposure

Light summer water.

So many hybrid Verbenas out there that this little jewel of a species Verbena rigida is a carefree, brilliantly  hued, rugged perennial. Perfectly hardy to cold in well drained soil. A workhorse perennial.

Dahlia ‘Forncett’s Furnace’

Zn7b (5º to 10ºF)

Electric, piercing orange single flowers July to frost.

6’ tall and 2’ wide

Full sun to very light shade

Rich soil, regular summer water.

No Dahlia exceeds this treasure for the vibrancy of it hue. Its also hardier to cold than other Dahlias, a testament to many fine gardeners who have grown it.

10 Perennials for the new year: 2015!

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Exceptional plants for our gardens

Rhodea japonica

Zn6b (-5º to 0ºF)

Small green flowers give way to red berries.

18” tall and up to two feet wide slowly.

Light shade to Deep dry shade

Improve the performance health and speed of this saucy EVERGREEN perennial. Good looking year round, it can grow in the densest, darkest, dry shade and not flinch. Very cold hardy.

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Dec 6, 2014

Fuchsia ‘Jim Muncaster’

Zn7a (0º to 5ºF)

Sexy merlot sepals , royal purple corolla.

Blooms June to frost.

18” tall and up to 3 feet wide.

Full sun if watered, otherwise part shade

You don’t have to settle for same old hardy F. magallenicas to ensure they won’t freeze out. This spectacular Fuchsia is bone hardy  and often in bloom by early June. Rich, well drained, moist


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Podophyllum pleianthum

Zn5a (-20º to -15ºF)

Dark red pendulous flowers in spring.

In time it forms great clumps and runners.

18” tall and up to 4 feet wide.

This Asian May Apple is such a wonderful woodland garden plant, such structure and symmetry. Rich, WELL DRAINED , humusy soil with ample summer moisture. Full shade to light shade.

Asarum splendens

Zn6a (-10º to -5ºF)

brown and white flowers at soil level

Moderate spreader to 2’ x 2’ in 3 years.

6” tall- sends out runners to colonize

Rich, humusy, moisture retentive soil. Consistent summer water. Part shade, to shade.

Protect from slugs and snails. Evergreen in all but the most hideous winter.  It is mixed in this picture with Saxafraga stolonifera and Golden Baby’s Tears, (Solieriola solenoides ‘Aureum’)

Salvia x ‘San Carlos Festival’

Zn7b (5ºF to 10ºF)- or much lower

Shocking pink flowers June to frost

Large growing perennial 3’ tall and 4’ wide

Low water adapted, blooms in summer heat

Rich, well drained soil in full baking sun is ideal. Light

summer water improves bloom. Hummingbirds find this hot pink flower irresistible. DO NOT CUT this plant back until spring when new growth comes from the base and all danger of frost has passed.

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Climate adapted plants for gardeners in the PNW.